Are you a VBrochure Ultra Premium user doing creative or interesting things with your VPowered Multi-Media Viewer? Tell us about it and you could be our next Merchandising Hero. You'll be featured on our blog, website, in email campaigns and more. It's a great opportunity to gain publicity, showcase your hotel AND position yourself as the merchandising superstar that you are!


“We have seen a 25% increase of online bookings this summer compared to last summer before we had VBrochure.”


Story Kirshman

Marketing Manger The BROADMOOR



“Having rich media content, especially video, gives us an upper hand in our market.”


Lee Cuicchi
General Manager






“The resort produced a quality video, so syndicating it was important to showcase the property.”


Lisa Matsuda
Marketing Communications Manager, eCommerce





“Video is what our guests really expect these days. Still pictures don’t represent what is actually unique about the hotel.”


Shannon Moore
General Manager






“Customers want to get the most out of their dollar when purchasing a vacation experience, and they will do the necessary research online to obtain just that.”


Freilich Gimenez
Area Director Revenue Manager




“If there’s anything about a hotel’s online display that gives the consumer a comfortable experience in reserving a room, its videos and 360 degree tours.”


Rupesh Patel
Vice President



“We give the customer the information they need so that they can make a decision based on price, value, and an understanding of the product that they are buying.”


Richard Rennie
General Manager



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